Project BE was an illegal art experience. In the lower 9th ward of New Orleans, the Florida Housing project stood, abandoned and decayed, a reminder of neglect in the middle of a community trying to recover from one of the biggest Natural Disasters this country had seen. As an artist I found myself in these empty rooms painting with spray paint for the first time. I wanted to inspire the people who lived near and walked by those buildings daily. That expression turned into an organic art project that drew like minded artist and community members from all over the city. In three short months every corner of every room had new life painted on the walls, messages of hope and messages that challenged. Eventually the owners of the property shut it down, but not until after it made the front page of the local paper and got the attention of many near and far. It was named the greatest art experience in New Orleans of 2013 and it started me on this amazing path understanding the transforming power of Art.

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