One thing was clear. I couldn’t escape my fate by trying to outrun it. I would have to take my time from now on, and grow in the light of my own particular experience — and accept the slowness of things that were meant to be slow.” –   Gordon Parks A Choice Of Weapons page 84

Reading that passage for the first time gave me the same feeling as when the electricity first came back on after Hurricane Katrina.

No longer did I have to race to reach some destination of grand, I finally understood.

When I was younger I used to dream big dreams of being a big deal. These dreams were always foggy in details but the feeling was clear, A strong sense of satisfaction that came from arriving at success.

Those dreams never told me that success is funny song, with a lot of tempo changes.

A few things come with age; an understanding contrave that life is short, the journey is long, and the destination is not as important.

I’ll do my best to update this blog on this journey, So that I can better appreciate all the subtleties of that song.

Drive slow.


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